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Welcome to the Best Sneaker Cleaner on Planet Earth

About Us

Tight Wipes is the new, quick and easy way to clean all your sneakers, shoes and belongings. The ultimate in convenience! Tight Wipes is a specially formulated, pre-moistened, luxury, handy wipe that cleans and renews dirty shoes, boots, sneakers and much more. Don’t ruin your kicks with bleach wipes or other kinds of chemicals that weren’t meant for your sneakers. Tight Wipes is a “must have” for all Sneakerheads!

Tight Wipes was developed by a Sneakerhead from Staten Island, New York 10312 who was tired of the hassle of other sneaker cleaners on the market. He was looking for a fast and efficient way to clean and keep his kicks looking fresh and new. With this idea he went to one of the best chemical engineers in the biz and in the lab, they developed a special cleaning formula, which is the best sneaker cleaner on the planet!

Tight Wipes was trademarked and launched on paper officially in January 2014 but has made sure the products not only met the highest standards but exceeded them. After a year of testing and perfecting Tight Wipes, it was brought to the retail market in January 2015. The company is growing very rapidly and now has several different sneaker products in the line with more on the way to become the best sneaker cleaner on the planet. Tight Wipes offers Non-Woven sneaker cleaning technology and is gaining major traction in the footwear cleaning marketplace. The special purpose of cleaning sneakers in a growing 48 billion dollar a year sneaker industry has led to the manufacture of these specially formulated wipes by Tight Wipes and the usage of these wipes by the ever-growing sneaker culture.

Tight Wipes is getting major attention from retail buyers, stores and consumers across the world. Tight Wipes comes in 2 options, a 40-wipe canister or individual single packs. Since the inception of Tight Wipes, we have rolled out other products including Tight Scrub, Tight Scrub Pro, Tight Towel, Tight Bowl and Tight Brush becoming the best sneaker cleaner.